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 by Jashnoor, Mumbai

Thanks Maam

Gratitude towards you

End of 10th she came to you and in one month she  cleared her all doubts..

Thank you Ma’am

You're very welcome! I'm happy to hear I could help your daughter clear her doubts before her 10th grade exams. It sounds like she did a fantastic job of focusing and working hard

 by Anu, Singapore

Thank you so much dear one for being such an endearing Mother figure for Anu. God bless n Happy Mother’s Day🤗🎉🎉

You're welcome! It's my pleasure to be there for Anu. Happy Mother's Day to you too!"

 by Kirthana, Singapore

Thanks for your great support

Kirthana loves ur teaching 🙏

She is gifted to have an expert like you as her tutor

Very glad to know that. Kirthana is also a very good and sincere student

 by Jashnoor Dhingra, Mumbai

Hi ma’am

My paper went really really well

Even better than paper 6

WOW! Keep up the tempo.

 by Jashnoor Dhingra, Mumbai

Hi ma’am

My paper just happened

Chemistry went the best

I had paper 6

Thanks Jashnoor for sharing the information, I am happy to note that Chemistry went the best in the exam.

 by Srinija, UK

Hi, pleased to share with you that Srinija has been offered a place to study medicine at Cambridge

It is also very much satisfying to note such grand success for my student Srinija.

 by Anurati, Singapore

Anu got 7 in her science exam. 7 out of 8. It’s the best score she got till now

All because of your guidance and encouragement

Thanks, mam, for your honest remarks. A am confident that Anurati will perform even better in all the coming exams.

 by Ean, Singapore

Hi Bhaswati, wanted to drop a thank you note. Ean did ok for her Science exam this year. Appreciate your guidance in her learning journey. Pls also ask her to show you her paper so you can review her areas of weakness.

Thanks Mam. Ean has geed grasping power and getting jelled quickly with my way of teaching. She will definitely perform much better in the subsequent exams.

 by Sifat Luther, Bahrein

Hello Ma’am

Sifat has got an A in chemistry AS levels, probably will be able to get an A* as a projected grade.

Thank you very very much for your teaching and efforts.

I am very much pleased to note that my effort has added value to Sifat’s exceptional grasping power and I am also sure that Sifat will get A* in Chemistry in A level.

 by Srinija, UK

Srinija got 48/50 in her chemistry exam

It is very pleasing to note that Srinija’s excellent performance.

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