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At Eduksn, we’re all about fostering a passion for learning, inspiring growth, and
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With a distinguished 20-year tenure at a renowned national institution, I have served as a dedicated team leader overseeing the publication of educational books in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. These resources have been instrumental in preparing students for a variety of competitive examinations. Over the past three decades, I’ve had the privilege of imparting knowledge to a diverse range of students, spanning from 7th to 12th grade. My instructional experience covers Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for students in 7th to 10th grade, and specialized Chemistry guidance for those in 11th and 12th grade.
My teaching expertise encompasses curricula from both international and national educational frameworks. This valuable experience has equipped me with a profound understanding of various syllabus, enabling me to cater to the distinctive needs of students effectively. Where I’m excited to share my wealth of knowledge and educational insights to foster successful learning journeys.
Bhaswati Nag

Strengthening basic concepts

To develop the concepts of a particular topic in the respective standards, whatever fundamental concepts are required that will be clarified in the class

Conceptual teaching

In a definition or law, the keywords will be highlighted and the importance of those keywords will be explained which will help in presenting the definition or law perfectly.

Emphasizing the applications of concepts

The skill of applying the concepts will be developed through different application-oriented questions and numerical problems

Developing analytical and problem-solving skill

Analysis of a critical question or a problem will be explained and elicited from the students step by step.

More understanding, less memorizing

All the above teaching methodologies will help the students to understand the subject and inculcate interest regarding the subject.

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We envision a future where education transcends borders, where students become empowered global citizens, and where their unique talents and aspirations are nurtured to create a positive impact on the world. Our vision is to continue pioneering personalized, inclusive, and accessible learning solutions that foster growth, innovation, and success for students across the globe.

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